SERVICES: Dvir Technologies is committed to delivering timely, high quality and cost effective solutions. We work in partnership with over 100 leading hardware and software manufacturers. It is a partnership that enables us to service computers and networks, even if you have a variety of equipment and software. That is the kind of service you need to stay productive, whether you have a few computer systems in a small office or are supporting a full network.  We provide comprehensive analysis and support of your company’s computer needs. 

Dvir Technologies also provides remote monitoring and network management services to its customers for a monthly support fee. 

  Our Services Include:  
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Service Contract
Remote access solutions (for email and other applications)
Networking security services
Computer repairs
Computer systems
Home computing services
Facilities management services
Project management and coordination 
Hardware, Software, and Accessories
Cabling services (Data, Voice and ...)
Web application development
Web & email hosting
Service contracts
Domain Registry
Disaster recovery
Equipment leasing
Byte calculator
Download calculator
Ohm and Watts calculator
Client upload

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