Facilities Management The constant challenge is to ensure that your resources are expended in the most valuable areas. Facilities Management Service allows you to redirect your resources away from non-core activities towards activities, which have a greater return in serving the customer. Those of your people whose energies are currently focused internally can now focus their energies on the customer. Working with Dvir Technologies, you not only receive new technology, but your staff learns and becomes experienced with it in the process. You avoid the cost of chasing technology.

Dvir Technologies partners with companies that are able to provide remote managed climate control, access control, security systems, heating and air conditioning (HVAC), lighting systems, fire systems, security systems, and sprinkler systems.

In short, Facilities Management Service can provide the services of an in-house IT Manager.
Management of physical Information Systems installation.
Management & Supervision of day-to-day operations.
Monitoring of hardware & software.

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