Home Computer Service When you need assistance with your home computer(s) in setting up a new computer, setting up a network, upgrading your system, installing software, transferring files, implementing a backup procedure, or what ever the task may be.

Eliminate waiting in line to access the Internet. Your home network allows you to simultaneously surf the Internet from multiple computers. Thus, by paying for only one Internet Connection (DSL, Cable Modem, Dial-up), you can have all your computers on-line at the same time! Most Internet accounts are priced for only one computer, and to add computers there is usually a per computer monthly charge.

Protect your computing assets by setting up a network with one of our Home Gateway’s solutions that provides a level of security through a firewall. A firewall protects your network from intruders and hackers. You can also monitor and restrict websites to protect your children and family.

We feature:
DSL/Cable Internet Setup
Home Networking
Enable Access to Your Office Network from Home
Setup Computers and Peripherals
Upgrade Computer Components

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